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    Images from a brand new site UrFetish.net run by the producers of MancSpank, and dealing with various fetishes – Including Spanking.  As in this video “House Boy” 
    The story starts with the houseboy is on the phone to his girlfriend who is nagging him to leave his job as his employer has a nasty streak.
    The boy is then called into the bosses study as he is on the phone to his broker and getting angry, he demands the boy makes him a martini. He does so and the boss takes a sip and tells the boy it’s awful and throws it at him. In his temper he rips down the boy’s trousers and underpants and puts him over his knee for a dam good spanking, and then he is put over the desk and beaten with a riding crop.
    After that the boss rings the agency to get a new houseboy but this one pleads to keep his job, so as the boss gets back on the phone to his broker about his shares he makes the straight houseboy suck his cock the angry he becomes the more the lad is forced to suck harder and then he blasts a load of cum over the lads face before telling him to get back to work.

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