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  • Sting: The Sixth Formers Knaves and Knives (Part 1)

    The impudent sixth formers are up to their old tricks again
     but the staff is having none of it!


    Garry Edwards (Gerry Robbins) has got himself in to trouble by sending and underage 4th former to buy cigarettes for him. He knows that cigarettes are banned in any case so this is a double whammy in rule breaking.
    The Headmaster dispatches him off to his Housemaster Mr Volny (Johan Volny) who quickly gets to work on some disciplinary guidance, of the type best delivered with the palm of a hard hand at the end of a strong arm

    Big lad though his is the punishment starts with a good over the knee spanking leaving Edwards firm muscular bare bottom red and scolded. 

    Unfortunately for him a second onslaught with the strap leaves a deep stinging impact that will surely help to curb his smoking habit!

    Paul Robinson (Rudi Vallance) was unlucky enough to have his stash of porn discovered by the cleaner. 
    However it’s the presence of two knives in his locker that has really annoyed his​ ​
    ​H​ousemaster (Rupert Pendragon editor of Corporal Contacts magazine in a guest appearance)

    He too gets a good firm spanking 

    However, if Robinson thinks that a mere hand spanking is all the punishment he will receive he’s in for a surprise. His tender bare bottom, and the bare bottom of at least one more sixth former will be glowing a lot redder soon ……!!
    To Be Continued ……..

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  • Sting: Fine Pair You Turned Out To Be

    The latest Sting Update stars Nicholas Salter, Toby Haines and Marco

    This special edition college boy story also features a guest performer and good friend of Sting Pictures. Rupert Pendragon of Corporal Contacts monthly magazine plays the part of a Housemaster.

    The story starts with two pupils Davies (Marco) and Harper (Toby Haines) who have yet again had an altercation with the visiting teams rugby captain. The Headmaster being a busy man has left their Housemaster (Rupert Pendragon) to deal with the situation. This he does by giving both these senior lads a lecture on manners and a humiliating stinging spanking whilst over his knee…..

    The spanking is followed up by a caning on their bare bottoms with both boys bending over the Headmasters desk.

    Later that week another student Robert Jeffries (Nicholas Slater) gets himself into deep trouble with the Headmaster after taking the English masters car for a joy ride. Luckily nobody was hurt and the car retrieved unscathed.
    However this is a very serious matter and the Headmaster means to make an example out of the boy. He is ordered to return for punishment before lights out and the session starts with a firm lengthy spanking with every slap cruelly scorching first the seat of his tight shorts …..

    ….then his bare bottom.

    This though is only the warm up. The offence is so serious that the Headmaster has ordered the Bursar to supply a freshly made birch. Not so often used but it is a perfect answer and message giver to any other boys who feel they too can flaunt the rules.

    Young Jeffries feels every lash of the rough burning twigs and the pain begins to build with each raw stroke. At the end he tearfully stands to be dismissed clutching his well whipped burning bare backside in the full knowledge he’s never going to do it again!

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    Rupert Pendragon appears courtesy of Corporal Contracts Magazine www.corporalcontacts.co.uk