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  • Sting Spanking Classic “Crime Spree” (Part 2 of 2) – Plus Video Preview

    Another scene from the Sting Spanking Classic Crime Spree Staring Dexter, Dale Brady and introducing Aiden Jason, Damien Harrison and Aslan Brutt (scroll down for the video preview)

    The first story features two would be car thieves (Dale Brady and Dexter) who are caught by the owner whilst trying to hot wire his vehicle.

    Having recorded the incident on his mobile phone the athletic car owner (Aslan Brutti) marches the pair back to his flat.


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  • Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic Borstal Trilogy

    Video Preview for the Sting Spanking Classic

    Borstal Trilogy

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    Borstal Trilogy

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  • Sting Spanking Classic: Borstal Trilogy

    Another Sting Spanking Classic is

    Borstal Trilogy

    Staring Dale Brady, Toby Haines, Marco and Dexter

    In the legendary British Borstal system specifically designed to re train delinquent youths three main instruments of punishment were used. These of course were apart from a good over the knee spanking often delivered for minor infringements.

    In our hard hitting documentary drama we firstly encounter the senior officer disciplining trainee Castle (Dale Brady) for slacking and bad behaviour. His monthly report is very poor and for this lad it’s going to be a hard over the knee spanking both on underpants and bare bottom.



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  • Sting Plus: Oh Brother – Epilogue: The Sex Files

    Posted on by Ward
    Following on from the popular Borstal Days 2: The Sex Files, Sting now present The Brothers Epilogue: The Sex Files. (Available with or without the sexual content)

    It’s all action back at Innesfial Industrial School with fire and brimstone discipline still being handed out. Sting actors Jimmy Evans and Mike Cross, who plays the pious Brother Linus, are well paired again when Jimmy playing Aiden Conley is caught drinking alcohol with his pal Patrick (Dale Brady) 

    Dale Brady as Patrick Rourke is given a good hard spanking by the Principle Brother and later a butt burning hard flogging with the martinet from the Principle Brothers deputy Brother Michael

    For fans of Jason Shaw he’s back too coupled with new Sting lad Jason Roberts. They play two lads who are caught in the bathhouse doing things that perhaps they shouldn’t be doing.

    And pay for it with two very sore bottoms …

    Kyle Wilkinson is ordered to report for a spanking to young Brother Martin played by Nick Carter
    In what may be an all-time first in the spanking fetish film genre Sting actors Lloyd Adams and Riley Smith are caught engaged in some sinful dormitory romping and reported to the Principle Brother. During their punishment session a young inmate played by Riley smith succumbs to the situation leaving a messy calling card on the parquet floor of the main office.
    Needless the say the Principle Brother in none too pleased! As with The Brothers movie this epilogue has a storyline full of stinging raw butt burning action.

    Dale Brady’s further punishment

    The detail and costumes set in the dark dank surrounding of the Industrial School make this another hot film for your Sting collection.

    As usual with Sting Plus, there are two versions of this movie, a 36 minute all spanking version or a 50:33 minute epic featuring sex and spanking. You chose which you prefer!

    Preview trailer to follow:


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  • Sting – Expect to be Punished

    The daily routine when overseeing discipline, especially of the college seniors is never ending. Now two more lads, who should know better, have got themselves in to trouble.


    Croft (Dale Brady) is constantly creating a problem after lights out in the dorm. He’s really not facing up to the responsibilities of a prefect and the Headmaster is furious.


    To bring him down a peg or two he treats him as he would a junior and applies a long hard stinging spanking to the boy’s bare bottom, stretched out on his own bed. Hopefully the humiliation of this might help him find some common sense.



    Petty thieving by some of the boys does go on. With the college situated near a local market town the shops are an easy target. One boy Donovan (new StingLad Kurt Maddix) steals a transistor radio from one such store. This is very serious and the Headmaster allows him a choice of letting his parents know or getting dealt with by the college. Of course young Donavan goes for the second option.


    Told to report to the hall a good hard bare bottom spanking is laid on that turns his little rounded bottom a fiery red.



    To really make sure Donavan has got the message the Head takes down the Empire rubber gym shoe kept for the purpose. Swinging his bowling arm to good measure he then lays on a real backside burning session. With the slipper cracking down on top of his already raw cheeks this wayward lad is certainly regretting his actions.


     He knows now if this ever happens again without doubt he can Expect to be Punished.
     Introducing Kurt Maddix.

    With Dale Brady


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  • Borstal Trilogy – From Sting

    In the legendary British Borstal system specifically designed to re-train delinquent youths three main instruments of punishment were used. These of course were, apart from a good over the knee spanking, often delivered for minor infringements. In Stings latest hard hitting documentary drama we firstly encounter the senior officer disciplining trainee Castle (Dale Brady) for slacking and bad behaviour. His monthly report is very poor and for this lad it’s going to be a hard over the knee spanking both on underpants and bare bottom.
    Trainee Johnson (Toby Haines) is also on the monthly report black list except he’s over stepped the mark a little too often and earned himself a dose of the infamous rattan punishment cane. He’s not going to get away lightly and he too finds himself firstly over the officer’s knee to receive a hard well laid on bare bottom spanking.



    To get the cane as well after this is really going to sting and so it does as Johnson growls and hisses at each burning cut of the well-oiled rattan. 

    Next Trainee Hollister (Marco) is caught smoking again. This with his lack of attention to duty infuriates Officer McClelland (Dexter) Hollister is soon staring at the polished wooden parquet floor as his bare bottom receives the stinging hard slaps that only Officer McClelland can lay on so well.

    It doesn’t stop there though and after leaving the trainee to contemplate his now roasted rear the officer returns with the broad thick leather punishment strap. Now Hollister is bucking and yelling as this cruel instrument makes its mark and what marks they are as this bee sting like instrument can testify.

    Unfortunately for Trainee Castle (Dale Brady) the day of his official court ordered birching arrives and he strips ready to mount the birching Pony. This particular piece of equipment had been used in this Borstal since 1910 and today it is again going to support and hold down yet another very naughty youth. Castle will count out a full thirty strokes of the birch that relentlessly scourge his defenceless bare buttocks red raw. 


    These boys can take it hard but woe betide the boy who whilst being re trained manages to encounter all three, a real Borstal Trilogy!

    Dexter as Officer McClelland



  • Sting – Army Cadets 3 – Video trailer


    Here is the trailer for Army Cadets 3 – on a Fizzer – a tale of army life
    Staring Jimmy Evans, Dale Brady, Mike Cross and Rusty


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  • Sting – Army Cadet 3 – On a Fizzer


    The latest download “Army Cadets Part 3 – On a Fizzer” 
    stars Dale Brady, Jimmy Evans, Rusty  and Mike Cross
     It’s back in barracks for Army Cadets part 3. This time Trooper Smith (Jimmy Evans) is in trouble with Staff Sgt Cross (Mike Cross) After a weapons inspection the Sergeant decides Smith is slacking and needs bringing back in to line. No point in charging him besides giving a good spanking to a slovenly trooper is one of his specialities. The staff Sergeants strong arm is swinging with military precision as Trooper smith yelps his way through the first part of his punishment. Smith’s well rounded, firm and raised young buttock are quickly turning red but elsewhere other things are stirring too. 


    Perhaps Smith is discovering something more about being spanked than he had realised. Now grabbing the riding crop, amounst other things, Staff Sargent Cross stands Smith up against the lockers and begins to administer a further whipping to his reddened and protruding bare backside. Thwack after thwack results in a well-disciplined trooper but the final result is more unexpected.


    The second soldier to avoid being put on a charge or ‘fizzer’ as the soldiers call it is Trooper Evans (Dale Brady) He too opts for an off the record punishment and is ordered to report to Staff Sergeant Cooper (Rusty) On arrival a sound spanking is given to the wayward trooper in true military fashion. The sergeant’s brawny right arm and hard pounding hand soon has the lad’s buttocks glowing red. 


    Then it’s out with the box horse and the Sergeant lays on a time honoured company punishment with a well-oiled swishy army rattan cane.

     This he changes half way through and delivers a very hard arse burning thrashing to Trooper Evans bare bottom. Evans howls and growls literally as every cut delivers a band of fire to his burning backside. This is caning army style, hard and painful as any young soldier should expect when breaking the rules. 


  • Sting – Crime Spree (Part 2)

    Posted on by Ward
     Sting’s new top Aslan

    A second set of high quality pictures from Sting’s new modern day download Crime Spree

    Dexter and Dale have been caught trying to steal Aslan’s car, and he knows just how to deal with them.


     First with his hand……

    Then with his strap….

    In a different scene two burglars  (British actors, Damian Harrison and Aiden Jason) get caught breaking into a policeman’s apartment

     And pay a painful price!! …..

    As the off duty cop gets to the bottom of the problem!

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  • New From Sting: Approved Education – Part 3

    Approved Education Part 3 is just over an hour long and features seven sting lads including some new faces. 
    Government approved educational establishments for young offenders were first opened in 1933. Bishopsfield, designed to cater for seniors, is one of these and now in the late 1960’s has a new Headmaster.

     Young tearaway Johnny Wilson (Damien Drake) arrives fresh from court having been sentenced to time in Bishopsfield in order to instil some discipline and give him a chance to get properly educated. Although an open intuition the rules are strict and breaking them has consequences, something Johnny is quick to find out when defacing and exercise book. His trousers are ordered down and he feels for the first time the flat of his Housemaster’s hand coming down hard on his bare bottom. After this he finds himself choosing a swishy cane to receive a stinging whacking from the biting rattan. 

    He’s not alone of course; he’s with other lads also sent but the courts to a more controlled environment, all to get a taste of much needed discipline. Three such lads are Shaw (Jason Shaw) Wilkinson (Kyle Wilkinson) and Evans (Jimmy Evans) These guys in a nearby dorm get far too carried away with each other and find themselves on the wrong end of a heavy leather strap but only after each one has received a hard spanking on their bare backsides.

    Evans, the ringleader, is singled out for special punishment! His very pert well raised bottom is seared red by the relentless crack of the institutions old brown leather belt!

     One of the eldest boys Steven Brett (Dale Brady) decides to make a break for it, not hard considering the establishments ‘open’ category. However, absconding is very much frowned upon and he now faces a severe mandatory caning. Prior to this he is sent to change in to PE kit and tight thin white cotton punishment shorts. On arriving back at the Heads study he knows that the burning cuts of a well laid on senior cane will be hard to take especially when he has to lower the shorts!…

     And so along with the daily routine the incidents unfold. Johnny Wilson and Jason Shaw get caught with catapults while Stephens (Darren) and Dalgieish (Pete Douglas) are punished for causing a disruption after lights out. Finally it’s back to look at the fortunes of young Johnny Wilson.  His Housemaster catches up with him yet again and in his pyjamas over the knee he goes. 

    This hard hitting full length feature has seven Sting lads all wishing perhaps that they weren’t getting an Approved Education…3

    Video Trailer

    A full sized WMP version of the trailer can be downloaded from here or here

    Note when downloading from SendSpace click on the blue bar towards the bottom


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