Straight Lads Spanked: Footballers Out of Control – Andy Lee, Oliver and Jay

From Straight Lads Spanked: Andy Lee, Jay and Oliver are three footballers that have been sent by the coach to see the community spanker Mr X! The lads have already been soundly spanked in Part One by Mr X but they still have bad attitude.
So Mr X decides that they have to learn a different way. He tells that lads that they have to SPANK EACH OTHER!

Wow! This changes things! The lads are not so cocky now! It’s one thing fighting with your mate, but another being forced to put him over your knee and spank his bare bottom!
You can see clearly how awkward the guys are as one by one they have to spank each other!

Three Fit Straight Lads! Spanking Each Other!

Footballers Out Of Control!

Straight Male Spanking Movie

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10 years ago

I hope Mr X gave them each a follow up spanking at the end to ensure they learnt a lesson

10 years ago

Mr x I’m going back to san fran and would be spanked and tear st8 boy ass for you temp for get permission and passort to you for possbile long call I give and take hard love4153176986 tear young studs up mark up for you