Oliver & Fred – Brothers – Caught Shoplifting!

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 Oliver is in trouble again!

 This time he has involved in his younger brother Fred as an accomplice! Oliver has worked out a master plan to steal from their local shop whilst Fred is the lookout!

Oliver did not realise there were cameras in the shop and the boys were caught red handed. What makes it worse is that the local shopkeeper is a close family friend and has known the brothers since they were little. The shopkeeper is devastated at this betrayal! If it had been anyone else he would have called the police. However, he decides to give the sorry straight lads an option.

Go and visit the local community spanker Mr X to be punished or he hands them over to the police.

The lads choose Mr X! Oliver has been before, but has found the punishment so humiliating he has never told his younger brother Fred the exact details of what happened. If Oliver was too embarrassed to tell his brother that he got spanked, you can only imagine what it will be like getting spanked with Fred watching!

The two sorry and shamed straight lads turn up to see Mr X. Mr X is furious! How dare they steal from the community!

The look on Fred’s face when he discovers his fate is priceless!

Mr X proceeds to properly spank the two lads. The sheer humiliation of them getting undressed in front of each other and getting spanked hard is almost too much for them to bear!

Mr X does not seem to care though and gets on with the job in hand and spanking their bare bottoms hard!


“””More From Mr X………. This was the first time that Fred had visited Straight Lads Spanked. He was actually quite nervous and it was really clear that these two real life brothers were not that comfortable with being naked in front of each other, never mind spanked like naughty kids! Which all leads to a rather marvelous movie!””””

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