Straight Lads Spanked – Oliver’s Bath Brush Beating


At Straight Lads Spanked: Oliver’s life keeps on getting worse! This time he has stooped really low and took his mothers engagement ring to the Pawn Shop. His father found out and was not just furious but heart broken.

The punishment had to match the crime and Oliver is given a hard hand spanking. That is not the end though…

Oliver has to fetch the dreaded bath brush and he feels the devastating effect as every whack leaves a mark on his sore bruised bottom.

 At first Oliver denies all …
 if fact he starts out really arrogant and cocky….. 
 But then Dad finds the pawn ticket and Oliver realises the game is up
 He knows he is in big trouble.
 Oliver phones his Mother hoping she will persuade his Dad not to punish him …
 But he’s out of luck
 Over Dad’s knee …
 … for a stinging hand spanking …
 …. and then the bath brush!!

Warning – This Movie Contains Scenes Of Harsh Punishment

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9 years ago

thats a well spanked bottom

9 years ago

A very nice one at that. one of the finest I’ve ever seen

9 years ago

Sorry but where did they find dad in a horror movie?