Straight Lads Spanked – Oliver Stole From Dad

(This movie contains lingering scenes of a handsome straight lad, naked, showering and getting spanked that some viewers may find highly erotic) 
Life is not going so well for Oliver. His long-suffering girlfriend has finally had enough and kicked him out.Oliver really does love his girlfriend and is going to be a Dad in just a few weeks.This very sorry young man had no choice but to move back in with his parents.

Finding himself living back in his old bedroom, Oliver gets ready for bed.Stripping out of his clothes he heads for the bathroom.

Shower Time!

Squeaky clean Oliver heads back to his room.

…..and puts his pyjamas on.

and settles down for the night.

Olivers Dad bursts into the room and wakes up his sleeping son.

“My son is a thief”!
“You have stolen money from my wallet”!
“I am so disappointed in you”!

“You are not to old to go over my knee”

“Sorry Dad”
“I’m too old for a spanking”

“Please not the slipper”

“I’m to old for this”!

“Dad, I only took the money to buy flowers for my girlfriend”!


“Dad! No! I’m so sorry”!“Please not the belt”

“I hope that has taught you a lesson”?
“””More from Mr X……..when I started producing movies for Straight Lads Spanked I had a  picture in my head of the look of lad and scenario I thought summed up Straight Lads Spanked perfectly. This new movie,  Oliver – Stole From Dad,  fits that image perfectly. This was only the second time that I had filmed with Oliver and I thought he was simply perfect in this. Not only does he have a great look (both in and out of his clothes) the way he looks at his Dad with a combined look of fear, sorrow, embarrassment & resignation appears so real. Oliver, a lad, who is “too old to get spanked”. getting dragged over his Dad’s knee for a well earned spanking! “””
Here are some of the comments I have received already:

This is one of your very best efforts! Oliver could not be bettered, and for those of us with a foot fetish, the shots of his lovely bare feet make this a keeper. Handsome face, gorgeous bottom and perfect feet. Oliver is desperately close to being the perfect man! 

I must say, I think I have a bit of a crush on Oliver! Could he be any more adorable? Great video! I am glad Oliver got over his shyness! The split screen is a great effect, and I hope you continue to utilize it. I look forward to many more with Oliver!

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2 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked – Oliver Stole From Dad

  1. This is a CLASSIC, dad/son, OTK spanking clip. I just loved it. Oliver is really handsome and totally believable. The scenario is perfect, the pj’s, Oliver’s reactions, the dialogue, everything. Highly recommended.

  2. Oliver is definitely hot, and the video is certainly worthwhile. The session with the belt is four strokes and it’s merely a “warning” — so I guess I’ll have to pay $18 to see him really get it next time.