Oliver – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

The sorry saga of Oliver continues at Straight Lads Spanked this follows on from Oliver – Stole From Dad.

Oliver is sent to his room by his mother and told to wait until Dad gets home. 

Oliver knows what that means and strips down to his pants and lies on the bed waiting for Dad.

Dad is really angry! Furious! Oliver gets the worst lecture of his life!

Soon though the belt comes out and Oliver feels it full force across his bottom. This is his worse spanking ever!

Down with Oliver’s pants
Exposing his tender bare bottom
A perfect target for an angry dad
The thing is though, Oliver already feels low, ashamed with himself. As his father continues to belt him the sorry lad can’t hold back the tears! 

Dad pays no attention to them though and continues to belt the sobbing lad until is bottom is scarlet red.

A very sorry lad
with a very sore bottom
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