Olympic Diver Spanked for Partying (Part 2)

Kyle the misbehaving Olympic diver’s punishment continues, and now his tight speedos are the only thing protecting his bottom from Mr. X’s relentless (and very hard) palm.   


The tight trunks hardly offer any protection from Mr X’s hand as the spanks reign down on this young lads backside!

Mr. X reaches for Kyle’s trunks…

 … ans with one tug they are off!! ….

Mr. X starts to spank the unlucky diver’s bare bottom 

 and it stings!
 Kyle’s bare bottom turns a bright shade of pink

This lad will be going straight to bed afterwards to nurse his sore bottom and wounded ego hewill NOT be late for training in the morning!

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3 Responses to Olympic Diver Spanked for Partying (Part 2)

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In regard to the Olympic diver getting spanked by MrX It certainly appears that Mr X does usual great job I loved the clips they were great.I was sure that those speedos were coming down but took more time then it generally does .However the result is what counts and there is little doubt about that The clips of Kyle Hide after the shoot were classic

    • I too agree that it took mr x a little longer than it generally does for mr x to get where he needed to be .But he got there and based on classic clips of this young man HideI would think he got a taste of what a awesome spanking was Mr Xi is awesome skilled spanker and I leave him to Spank anybody that needs it .In regard to the those speedos we all new that protection or not they were coming down and off .As that is the only way it s done and as it should be It also should be noted that this Olmpic diver got something he might not have been looking for.He also assumed .A the position OTk very well. Another task well done by Mr x

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    In regard to the Olympic diver -Athough it took a while forMrX to get down to the bottom so speak There was never a doubt in my mine that every thing would be down and off .In the end what counts is what exactly happens how long it takes matters little.We all know that Mr x is a skilled spanker.So what else could we expect but a well tanned and roasted Hide in thebend