Help in identifying video

A regular JockSpank visitor has asked if anyone can identify the video this brief clip comes from? I believe it could be by Filmco (Baccus) from the late 1980’s / early 1990’s as the spanker appeared in a number of Filmco releases, most memorably as the chief probation officer looking after a cast of naughty boys the Spanking Master series.  Whereas the boy being spanked made an appearance in Filmco’s Spank your Buddy albeit over a different spanker’s knee (he may have appeared in other Filmco scenes as well).
In addition, the boy appeared in a number of Control T movie, such as The Painters with Paul Baressi.
However, I have been unable to track down which movie this particular scene comes from, can anyone help?

Can anyone tell us the names of the actors?



Movie Identified!!
Thanks to those who responded to the question above, it enabled me to track down the movie which is “Spank ’em Hard!” from Bacchus (Filmco) made around 1989.
The scene in question stars Scott Arden who played Mr Brooks the probation officer in the four part Spanking Master series and Shane Sheppard as the unlucky young man over his lap.  

Scott Arden dealing with another bad boy
Shane Shepard also appeared in “Spank Your Buddy” and a number of Control T spanking movies as well as various vanilla porn movies

Filmco/Basccus 18 U.S.C.2257 information

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  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    The film is called ‘Spank em Hard”, but I don’t know what studio it is from.

  2. Anon is correct, its Spank em Hard – Scene 8

    The studio is Bacchus (an affiliate of Filmco)

    I think the spanker is Scott Arden (he was also a director) I have seen the boy before, but don’t know his name

  3. Thanks guys

    That is very helpful and enabled me to track it down. I will update the post.