Spanking Boys – Jack

 Coming today at Spanking Boys – Jack!

Jack is dreadful at hiding the fact he loves to be spanked, despite all the squeals of pain, crying and begging he does in this latest session. Jack is however genuinely torn between the contradiction and intensities of pain and pleasure, and the connected senses of powerlessness and relief this unruly and deserving teen experiences. In the beginning, though he connected the spanking with his criminal past and was in it just for the money, but it seems that these sessions have an addictive quality for him, spontaneously wanking off after his punishment, he was begging for another session just a day later. Happy to oblige this cute, rough and ready twink, his smooth bubble butt is in for some serious heat in the coming weeks.


2 Responses to Spanking Boys – Jack

  1. Although Jack is not the most becoming of spankee-‘models’, the idea of definitely-deserved desserttime-dispensed-divested-derriere-damning-disciplinary-dozens-doses does delight,
    while in case of ‘real’ mischief he simply needs to get grilled gruesomely-good, ‘graduating’ from handspanking OTK to whipping over a contraption guaranteed to upgrade groaning and squirming to squealing and seizmic shock!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    He’s a beaut to me.