The Alcohol Sting

This is one for fans of lads getting the cane
In The Alcohol Sting Jay j, Thomas, Simmonds and Tomkins have all been summoned by headmaster Dr Barton. The boys have been bringing into the school. They have also been selling it on to the younger boys. Dr Barton decides that for this serious offence each boy will receive a ‘Formal School Caning’! 
6 strokes over trousers, 6 strokes over pants and finally 6 strokes bare bottom! 18 strokes each! (3 of the lads have never endured this before and are genuinely getting caned on the bare bottom for the first time in their lives and you can see that they struggle to take them all! :-)) )
(Thanks to Brett Stevens for providing us with a Christmas week of clips and images)

Video trailer
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Bad Boys at Christmas!
The Alcohol Sting is a cautionary tale at Christmas, have fun but don’t over indulge in the falling down liquid or you could end up like this naughty boy!

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11 years ago

Wer nicht Hören will und zuviel
Alkohol in sich hinein schüttet.
Der bekommt danach mächtig den
nackten Arsch versohlt.
Zum Glück trinke ich so einen Mißt nicht.
Aber sehr Geile Bildern,besonders mit dem Geilen Rohrstock-.

10 years ago

the got 60 of the cane bare ass at 6 years old for stealing sir