Olympic Diver Spanked for Partying (Part 1)

From Brett Stevens – Spanking: Kyle is a member of the Portuguese Olympic Diving Team. The team is training in London and Kyle has been enjoying the nightlife way too much! He has been out late drinking and smoking and missing training in the morning! The coach decides Kyle needs to be taught a lesson and decides to send him along to the local spanker – Mr X for some good old fashioned Brittish discipline! Kyle hardly understands what is happening to him …

Kyle may not understand everything Mr. X says, but he knows he’s in trouble!

“You’re going to learn what a British spanking is ….!”

To Kyle’s dismay, he finds himself over Mr X’s knee getting a long hard spanking! 
 Starting on the seat of his blue jeans

 Mr X pulls down Kyle’s jeans ……

.. to discover he still has his speedos on…….

Back over Mr. X’s Knee ……..


Video trailer

What Brett has to say about this video:

This was the first scene ever shot with new model Kyle and he really took a long hard spanking. It was also a multi camera shoot so you get to see lots of real facial reactions too! If you enjoy seeing fit straight lads with toned athletic bodies getting their bare bottoms spanked then you will love this clip!


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12 years ago

Ich finde es Super Geil,bei meinem
Dad so über dem Knie liegen zu müßen.
Und was diese Hieben so Geil klatschen und Geil Ziehen.-

12 years ago

We warmly welcome wickedly-wayward whippersnapper Kyle, keenly caring to contemplate the cocky kid cop continuously copiously-cottonless-cones-cutting-castigation!
A minor criticism, besides my continuous aversion from masked spankers (allegorica Lady Justice is blindfolded, justiciar-eyes must shed lava-lavid-laceration-lecturing lighting): a Celtic name like Kyle fits no Mediterranean character, so an alias would be in order to make the story credible, or you could just pick another nationality.