School Truant Gets Spanked – From Brett Stevens

Meet Jamie! He is cocky 18 year old! Rather than attending his expensive college course, he has decided to hang about the streets smoking pot with his mates instead! Jamie’s mother is working hard to pay his college fee’s and is furious! She can see he is wasting his life away! So she sends Jamie to visit Mr X the local Spanker! Jamie has no idea what is in store for him. It’s his first visit! Mr X soon has  young Jamie over his knee for a hard hand spanking. First of all over his jeans, then his boxer shorts and finally on his bare bottom. This is real humiliation for an 18 year old straight lad! Jamie’s cheeks turn crimson as Mr X’s hand spanks are relentless! By the time Mr X has finished Jamie is broken and promising to attend college early on Monday morning!
(Brett Stevens is delighted to introduce new model Jamie in his first ever shoot. This entire clip was shot in just one take allowing you to see Jamie endure his first real spanking exactly as it happened)


8 Responses to School Truant Gets Spanked – From Brett Stevens

  1. Jamie is a nice acquisition, lovely lad, looks lightly sheepish, yet charming, healthy yet vulnerable, even reminds me of Spanking Central’s glorious Travis, albeit without demonstrating his superior wining.
    I’m less enthusiastic about the masked spanker, that looks like he’s the miscreant.
    Although OTK is always nice, there’s little point in warm-ups on innocent textile (either fabric-abuse or, by the sound of it, pretty ineffective), instead he should get a few stripes with a cutting instrument (say a birch) first, over some furniture(-back), so as to be ruefully-repeat-rascal-rump-red-raw-rearing-receptively before being ‘allowed’ over the knee for ‘mere’ hand-spanking!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’d spank that tattoo right off of his little bottom. Just can’t understand why these nice looking young guys mark themselves up with that ugly ink!

  3. Avatar Sean's Daddy
    Sean's Daddy says:

    I agree about the tattoo, but so many have them now.

    Apart from that Jamie is very hot and this is a very sexy clip.

    But when do we get to see Mr. X’s face?

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Lame that the spanker’s wearing a ski mask. Makes the whole scenario unbelievable… somewhat silly.

  5. I don’t agree, I think the Man in the mask idea adds an erotic element

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  7. Hey! It’s great having all the feedback! Especially the discussions about the “guy in the mask”.

    Anyway! I’m the guy in the mask or as known in the clips. Mr X!


    So the Tattoo! I agree! I do think it’s a shame that these young lads don’t give more thought before going ahead with getting inked!

    As for Mr X wearing a mask… I totally understand that having a ‘masked’ spanker is not to everyone’s tastes. However, I don’t agree that it makes the scenario either lame or unbelievable!

    I think it’s wholly believable that if you did have a guy in your local community that got paid to spank the local unruly lads that he would choose to keep his true identity secret.

    So in response to Sean’s Daddy, I’m afraid you are unlikely to see Mr X’s face anytime soon….


  8. Oh and ‘Tadeus’ I’m glad you enjoy (and get Mr X). There is some more of him coming up! Including dealing with Portuguese lad Kyle! 🙂