Bailey’s Birthday Spanking

New from Brett Stevens’ Studio Birthday Spanking Bailey

Bailey is back! It’s his 23rd birthday! Following tradition, the gang of lads that Bailey belongs to.have all paid for Birthday Boy Bailey to visit Mr X for a birthday spanking! This straight, toned lad receives 23 painful strokes of the cane on his pert bottom. Mr X makes Bailey count out each stinging stroke! This was the first time that str8 lad, Bailey, had ever experienced the cane. Brett tells us that unlucky Bailey really felt each stroke! What was captured on film were 100% real reactions from Bailey bending over and getting properly caned!

Video Trailer


6 Responses to Bailey’s Birthday Spanking

  1. Avatar Fastifex
    Fastifex says:

    We warmly welcome whippernsapper Bailey’s ‘wickedy warm’ welcome,
    well we would want a warmer welcome:
    let’s play Bailey in Wonderland
    by converting his annual birthday-canings into non-birthday OTK-handspankings, only not from fully dressed to bare-butt but(t) bare-balls from the start?!

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Bailey is a really handsome guy, a great body, and WHAT A BUTT!!

  3. Avatar Rufus Reddener
    Rufus Reddener says:

    Yeah I’d like to see Bailey totally naked, and maybe tied over that chair, or even better over a gym horse

  4. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Humiliate him and spank him in front of his buddies or maybe even his girlfriend

  5. So ein Stöckchen auf den blanken
    Arsch. Sieht Höllisch aber Super Geil durch.
    Finde diese sichtbare Striemen super Geil,besonders wenn sie auf meinem Arsch zu sehen sind-.

  6. Neuwied ist ja nicht so weit vom Saarland!