Irresponsible Young Dad Gets Spanked

From Brett Stevens: Danny is cocky young guy, even though he is 24 years old and has recently become a Dad he is still acting like a 14 year old! He does not seem to have any sense of responsibility and thinks its fine to be hanging round the estate drinking with his mates whilst his girlfriend is at home looking after the baby! He somehow managed to get a part time labouring job but spent all his wages down the pub and came home wrecked and penniless!  

This was the final straw for his Mrs and she gave Danny an ultimatum! Move out or, go and visit the local spanker Mr X for some attitude adjustment!!

Deep down Danny is not a bad lad and loves his family so he does what he is told and turns up to see Mr X! He really had no idea what he was letting himself in for!

Mr X was disgusted at Danny’s behaviour and wasted no time in putting delinquent Danny over his knee!

Cheeky Danny first of all thinks this is funny and tells Mr X to stop ‘tickling’ him!

Big Mistake!!

Before long Danny experiences the humiliation of having his jeans and boxers pulled down whilst Mr X pounds his bare bottom with his hand and then his heavy slipper!

Wow does Danny learn a hard lesson! From now on he will be finishing work and bringing his pay straight home!!!


Spank Brett’s bare bottom to visit

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