Little Foxxy’s – Very Hard Beating

 Very Hard Beating is a new release by the Magic Spanking Factory

As we all know sweet 19 year old Little Foxxy is capable of taking a good thrashing. In this one he does particularly well. There is no preamble whatsoever. Little Foxxy starts off in a spanking position bent over two chairs and the punishment begins immediately.


His bottom and back are whipped with a nasty little Martinet until his usual pitiful grunting almost goes off the decibel scale. 

Just Magic swaps the Martinet for a cruel very stingy, asian, brush cane. The very thin, bound wooden rods do not look painful but believe me they are like a burning fire on the boy’s naked glowing buttocks. 

The clip ends with Little Foxxy getting six hard cane strokes. 


This is twenty minutes of solid, non-stop punishment and is not for the faint hearted. Little Foxxy really felt this in a big way and was almost in tears a few times. 


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10 years ago

Are they boxers or jeans shorts? – Luke

10 years ago

They are tight boxer shorts made to look like jeans shorts.

10 years ago

This is just so HOT HOT HOT!