Interview with Jonathon from the Magic Spanking Factory

Jonathon – Interview

As promised handsome Jonathon sat down on his well spanked bottom to give an interview to Just Magic answering questions from JockSpank visitors about his spanking videos.


The interview can also be viewed at Spanking Tube

Or a Full Sized version can be downloaded from Mediafire HERE


Mouse Spank Jonathon’s Naughty bottom or clink the Links below to visit the Magic Spanking Factory studio at Clips4Sale

Jonathon’s videos are available from

Magic Spanking Factory at Clips4Sale

Title 2257



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4 years ago

This was nice to watch.

I actually thought Johnathan was gay even though he said he was straight he comes across very different in real life than he does in his clips however I’m convinced he is straight now… Basketball, action movies etc… lol he also look like his grown-up a lot physically (as expected)

I like that he said that he don’t like spanking all the time because it hurts …well duh!! Hehe ?

4 years ago

Jonathon is not gay but I remember very distinctly the day he said to me, “Stephen, I think I have a gay touch”
Due to being a very regular guest at my home he has come into contact with quite a few gay people and is very relaxed about it all. Even when some of my friends get quite outrageous with him. Some of my lady friends also get quite shameless when talking to him. All rather funny. He sometimes stands there talking with people and has a face completely oblivious to the fact that almost everybody in the room wants to rape him. Jonathon is a total charmer and anybody who watched the last five minutes of “Spank Roulette” will know exactly what I mean. He should have studied to be an actor. He’s a natural.