Locker Room Spanking – Karl and Johnny

This week’s update at Straight Lads Spanked: Karl and Johnny are only 18 and  star football players. It does not stop them from misbehaving though! They have been kicking a ball around private land and windows got broken.

Coach Andy is furious! He drags the lads into the locker room and demands to know who was responsible. Neither Karl or Johnny own up and this makes the coach even more angry. He tells them that unless one of them confesses they will both be getting a good spanking. The threat of being spanked does not seem to work…
Coach Andy Lee deals with Karl first as he drags him by his ear and puts him over his knee…. Karl gets spanked hard whilst Johnny looks on!

Soon though it’s time to swap as Johnny feels the full force of the coaches hand.. It’s humiliating getting spanked bare ass in front of your team mate.

 Especially when the boy’s pants come down ……

..  and their bare bottoms are spanked as red as cherry tomatoes !


Spanking over and coach Andy sends the sorry straight lads for a shower…..


The lads get themselves nice and clean and think the punishment is all over… They are wrong!  Coach Andy has received further information about the broken window. He has found out that both lads are to blame!
It’s time for the paddle! Johnny is up first and has to bend over, fully naked and receive 6 hard swats from the hard wooden paddle! There is no doubt at all just how much they hurt.

Karl can only watch in despair knowing that he is next!

 Coach Andy makes sure the two boys won’t be sitting down again for quire some while!

Two 18 year old lads get spanked and paddled hard!

A spanking they won’t forget!

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10 years ago

This looks like a lot of fun. The two spankees are really cute.

Karl is the guy who was memorably spanked by “Coach” Bailey wasn’t he?

Mr X
10 years ago

Hey Simon! It was a load of fun to film! Yes, it is the same 18 Year Old Karl that was spanked by Bailey. The poor lad does not seem to do well with coaches! 🙂

10 years ago

Young Karl is such a pretty boy; he is, by far, the most desirable of all Mr X’s lads as the others are increasingly too muscular for me. I do like a twink and would love to spank Karl myself – more so having seen him in his football kit as he looks great in shorts, as well as out of them.

If you’re reading this Karl, report to me now lad! You should know from your interview with Mr X when I said I wished to spank you, that you are long overdue a trip over my knee lad! xxxxxx (six of the best for each thigh and buttock, for starters)!