Jonathon in “OKTOBERFEST”

As requested we are reposting some of the older Magic Spanking Factory clips staring Jonathon


It will soon be the Oktoberfest beer festival and Jonathon is getting into practice
The half drunken urchin has no idea of the danger he is getting himself and his tender young bottom into
 Jonathon’s strict father is furious to find his son in this state
 However, he knows just the way to sober up the naughty youth
 Unfortunately dad’s hand is having little affect on the boy’s lederhosen clad bottom
 So he tries various different implements
 First his belt
 While Father then goes in search of his cane, naughty Jonathan grabs a quick drag of a cigarette 
 Dad’s Back!!
 And he has the cane
 Next father tries the carpet beater
 Which really hurts the young rascal’s bottom
 This is having the right result!
 Especially on his tight white underpants
 and then on his little bare, and already very sore bottom
 Jonathon’s bottom is now the right shade of pink!
 But Father still finishes the job with a stinging hand spanking
 Before taking Jonathon’s beer and cigarettes and leaving the unhappy, and now very sober lad to think about what he’s done
 A naked Jonathon heads for the hot tub in the garden

 The naughty youth is desperate to find some means of soothing his burning bottom

 But as his expression shows, it will take a lot more than that to ease the sting!
Our boy will not be sitting comfortably for some time!!

Jonathon in lederhosen

2 Responses to Jonathon in “OKTOBERFEST”

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Ah jonathon drunk as sailor. Disgraceful as always will our hero ever learn I hope not, cute as a button Mr magic has his work cut out.

  2. I’m convinced there is a full stop missing there somewhere.