CP4Men – A Young Man’s Spanking Featuring Stuart McDonald

New from CP4Men: Stuart has come down from Glasgow to visit his Dad. He finds it difficult living with his stepfather as he does not feel gives him the discipline he needs to keep him focused. After a fatherly chat on the beach Dad decides its in Stuarts interest to go over his knee and find out the true meaning of discipline and focus. Stuart takes his over the knee spanking very well and just to make sure Dad delivers some extra discipline with his paddle.

A Comment by CP4Men:

I’m very excited about our new lad Stuart McDonald. Stuart is a big fan of Cp4men videos and sent me an Email asking to appear in a clip. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse!  In the end I ended up making three great clips featuring Stuart. This is the 1st-I hope you enjoy!
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    Anonymous says:

    I like Stuart, he is cheeky looking and has a lovely bottom. My f/m spanking fantasies are being unleashed by seeing this nice looking young man.