Coach Bailey – Revenge Is Sweet

Coach Bailey – Revenge is sweet was the video members of the Straight Lads Spanked voted first choice to be released last week 

 Coach Bailey has been taking matters into his own hands when it comes to disciplining the swimming team. The parents have decided that he has taken things too far and in fact Dom’s Dad has filed a complaint and said that if Bailey is not properly disciplined he will be reported to the Police for the brutal paddling he gave Dom in Coach Rules Hard

So Bailey has been sent to see Mr X to ensure that the arrogant bully receives a taste of his own medicine. 
 Things turn out far more humiliating than Bailey could ever of dreamed of!
 Guess who’s here!!
Dom describes how Coach Bailey spanked and then paddled him
Coach Bailey is mortified that the young player will observe his humiliating punishment

Pants down and spanked on the seat of his tight underwear
Dom enjoys the spectacle

Now naked Bailey’s embarrassing comeuppance continues

Spanked on his bare bottom while his previous victim watches it all

Now for the paddle

12 Swats of the stinging wooden paddle

 Revenge is Sweet


 The (*very sore*) End
Mouse Spank Coach Bailey’s well punished bare bottom to view a preview trailer and further details  – or click here

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