Straight Lads Spanked: Jason Caught Peeping At Girls (Part 1 of 2)

Jason Caught Peeping At Girls

(This is actually part 3 of the series, and the third time that naughty young Jason has been caught peeping)

No matter how often they are punished for the same misbehaviour, some lads just never learn, do they? Teenager Jason, the youngster we have already seen spanked over his coach’s knee and subsequently leathered by his dad for spying on girls in the sports club changing rooms, has been at it again.

In this week’s update from Straight Lads Spanked, however, we discover that naughty Jason is no longer content with just hanging around the girls’ changing room and spying on them; he has progressed to leaving his phone in there with the camera running, to record the netball team getting changed!

The escalation of Jason’s misbehaviour has left the coach with no option but to call in the big guns. Jason is summoned to a disciplinary appointment with Mr X!


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The community spanker lectures the young rascal and tells him in no uncertain terms that he has committed a serious offence which calls for a severe punishment. He is in for a good spanking and then a dose of the cane!

Over the knee he duly goes, to be soundly spanked on the seat of his black shorts.

It’s not long before he is wriggling and whining and promising never to do it again, but Mr X hasn’t finished with this bad boy…. not by a long chalk!

Jason is told to take off his shirt and his shorts, and is put back over Mr X’s knee in just his tight little white pants.



Mr X’s firm hand smacks down again and again on the seat of the lad’s undies, interrupted only by a well-earned scolding on the topics of breach of trust, disrespect, and the requirement to keep rampant teenage hormones in check!

The disciplinarian recommends that Jason tries having some cold showers, but adds that there’s one part of the naughty lad that won’t be freezing cold…. his bottom!


However, it’s not over yet!! The parents of the netball team, who have agreed to send the lad to Mr X rather than involve the police, have paid for a Bare-Bottom Spanking, and so Jason is told to pull down his pants and get back over Mr X’s knee.


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