Straight Lads Spanked: Wayne & Adam – Wait Till Your Father Gets Home (Part Two)

This movie follows on directly from Part One, which was posted here recently

Wayne and Adam are not having a good day! They have already been spanked by Adam’s Dad and now they are waiting for him to return and receive a belting!

They day seems like a week as the sorry lads await their fate.
Dad eventually gets home and wastes no time in lashing their bottoms with his belt.

It goes from bad to worse though as Dad then tells the lads to remove their underwear!

It’s a sight to behold as both lads are naked, lying next to each other on the bed as the belt comes lashing down on their already, sore, red bottoms!

These are now two very sore boys- will they think twice before they misbehave in future? I wonder!

Mouse spank your preferred bottom or click here to view a preview trailer

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