Straight Lads Spanked : Real Punishment – Andy Birched

Another Real Life Situation at Straight Lads Spanked  – Another Real Punishment Andy Lee seems to find it difficult to keep out of trouble!

This time he was fighting in the gym and a mirror got smashed. The gym owner was furious and demanded that Andy cover the cost of replacing the mirror or he would involve the Police.

Andy contacted Mr X in a panic as he had no funds, unfortunately for Andy, Mr X was also sort of cash and unable to help

However, there was someone who could help, a viewer of Straight Lads Spanked simply known as ‘Sir’ who had previously helped out other lads who got themselves into difficulty..

‘Sir’ agreed to help out but of course there had to be a price. In this case it was a severe birching! Not only that, but Andy had the added humiliation of getting punished in front of his younger brother Patrick.

 More from Dtraight Lads Spanked producer Dave……….well I have actually had this movie now for nearly a year. For some reason there didn’t seem the right time to release it until now. I must admit, this was one of the toughest movies I have had to film before. You have probably worked out by now that Andy and I have become good friends. Even though we have filmed some heavy stuff in the past it was always with the mutual intention of making a great movie (and of course Andy earning some cash). In this situation I had to dish out a proper punishment. To be honest, my weekend really had been ruined and I was pretty mad with Andy and he knew it. Still though, I was under strict instructions from ‘Sir’ that if Andy was not punished hard enough then the cash would not be paid. I hope you all enjoy the results”””

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