Straight Lads Spanked – Spanked Footballers – Bailey and Ben

Bailey and Ben enjoyed a late night partying! They were chatting with girls and drinking lots of shots! As the star football players they are very popular!
The only problem was, they had an important football game the following morning!
They slept in and turned up late. The game had already started without the two best players!
The furious coach left instructions in the changing rooms to report directly too Mr X!

Bailey and Ben turn up. Bailey is still drowsy from the previous evening! Ben has never been to visit Mr X before and has no idea what is going to happen!

Mr X, being a supporter of the football team is furious that undisciplined football players have ruined the chances of the team winning.

Bailey is the first to go over Mr X’s knee. Mr X shows Bailey no mercy as he spanks him over his tight football shorts. 
 and then spanks him some more! …

Horrified Ben can only stand there watching Bailey get spanked hard knowing it would be his turn next!

Soon enough Ben gets dragged over Mr X’s knee. It’s difficult to tell what is worse. The sheer embarrassment of getting spanked in front of Bailey or the sheer pain of Mr X’s relentless spanks!

Both lads get stripped of their football shorts and spanked on their tight white briefs ….

 .. before being stripped naked and fully exposed and spanked on their, bare bottoms!

Bailey continues to be cheeky to Mr X and finds himself up against the wall getting 12 hard lashes from the belt….

 Ben can only watch on in sheer horror!
 before he goes back over Mr X’s knee ….

These two cocky footballers are brought down to size and fully shamed as they are taught a *painful* lesson!

More from Mr X…………… 

so this was Ben’s first day of filming any kind of movie, never mind spanking. It was the second scene that we shot that day. Even though everything had been fully explained to Ben, you can see the full reality of it all sinking in as he he watching Bailey getting spanked! No acting was required. What you are seeing is Ben’s real reactions! Both lads look magnificent in the sports gear and the contrast between bright red, spanked bottoms and the tight white briefs really stands out. Bailey is at his sizzling best in this movie!””””


3 Responses to Straight Lads Spanked – Spanked Footballers – Bailey and Ben

  1. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Lose the mask please it hire a different spanker who shows there face stuck hot men but there not given justice as all your films look the same now maybe a new top dad would be nice

  2. Hey don’t worry, there are different movies coming up with some of the lads dishing it out! Then again, every time I feel like people are tired of Mr X I release something like this which has already become one of my most popular releases so far! 🙂

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    thats really good to hear! i would love to see some younger guys on your videos rather than just the same ones over and over again your clips are interesting first but now i want see some new action and scene as it is look the same every time so I look forward to your new ones coming. thank you for your work