Bailey Leather Strap – 36 hard lashes

This male spanking movie from Straight Lads Spanked featuring Bailey gets straight to the point!

Bailey is told to assume the position to take his punishment. 

The punishment is 36 hard strokes from the 3 stranded leather strap!

12 over denim!

12 over underwear!

12 bare bottom!

This video contains some lovely visuals of handsome Bailey in all his glory as well as some very real painful reactions to what was a very real strapping!

2 Responses to Bailey Leather Strap – 36 hard lashes

  1. Lovely bum and even better when it’s red and sore.


  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Anonymous– Regarding Bailey and the lLeathervStrap -36 hard lashes I agree it was real good strapping however would eliminate the twelve over the Denim and would start the whipping in his jockey shorts but would double the amount that he would get BareBailey appears to have a nice Hiney the clips of him a summing theosition are great in addition based on the great clips it appears that he has a well spanked Hiney .However in my view it would been far better if this spanking had been given Bare from the beginning .This I believe is the the norm however I aware it can and does often start on the Jockey shorts .However I believe all should Bare it without question or discussion .I don’t believe in sparing the Rod