Bailey – Bath Brush Beating – ‘The Lost Footage’

Straight Lads Spanked  have released a new version of Bailey’s infamous Bath Brush Beating with additional footage and all initial profits going directly to the star of the show Bailey!

Here is what Mr X has to say about it…..

When I recorded the original Bailey – Bath Brush Beating there were some serious technical problems. The sequence where Bailey gets beaten at the beginning never recorded on the main camera. Not once, but twice! What ended up in the final edit was the the third take!

In addition, the second, face camera was faulty and the footage that was shot was very dark. It looked so different to the main camera that I really couldn’t mix them together. The sound quality on this camera was also not fantastic either…

I have since re looked at all this ‘face cam’ footage and discovered that it caught all of the ‘lost’ second take as well as the moments when I discover that the main camera had not recorded for a second time. I have spent some time working on this footage and lightening it all. What it also captures are all the ‘off air’ moments and conversations between Bailey and Mr X when it is discovered that the camera has not been recording. It also has the entire spanking filmed from the front, capturing all of Bailey’s incredible real reactions. I have kept in sections that were previously cut including off air conversations and added my own ‘Directors’ notes where I feel it helps explain what was going on….

Now, for those of you that have seen the original Bailey – Bath Brush Beating you will all be aware of what the guy went through. I thought, Bailey gave an amazing performance.

It’s for that very reason that I have decided to donate all profits made from sales of this new footage that are generated during the first 48 hours of it’s release, directly to Bailey himself as a surprise bonus.

Any profits made after 48 hours, will, as usual be ploughed back into making brand new films.

Please understand that although I have spent some time working on this footage, it is still not exactly top quality, however, I feel that what it has captured is too juicy to remain unseen and enjoyed. It has captured the whole of Bailey’s beating from a front angle not missing a second of his facial reactions as his butt gets blistered!””

You can see a preview of it here…

This 25 min long movie is now available directly from Clips4Sale using this link

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