BBFC: Stepan Paddled

BBFC: Stepan Paddled

This is the first time Stepan has to face the paddle and he is feeling quite nervous about it.

Dimitri has decided to use the leather paddle for this first session, it looks innocent enough but stings like crazy.


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Working on Stepan’s ass through jeans is OK as a start but its when he gets the lads underwear that the toll begins to show on his face.




Thin tight fitting underwear may look good but it offers no protection from the paddle. Once these go we see that the lads butt is already glowing nicely. .




Stepen has that look on his face that says it hurt a lot more than he thought it would. A super paddling for Stepan


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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

I’m sure that I’m not the only BBFC fan to rejoice that young Stepan came back for another well-smacked bottom! I guess nobody ever knows a lad is going to return until he does. I know the boys are paid for what they do, but I can’t help wondering if, for some of them, that is the only attraction…

I find most young lads look really spankable bending over in blue jeans and Stepan, with his superbly rounded bum as he is bent over the table, is no exception – he really makes my fingers itch! Having been already acquainted with the boy’s taste in underpants, I was waiting with baited breath as I looked through the piccies to see what today’s selection from his pants-drawer would be like. Joy! Another pair of coloured boxer-briefs and he clearly has a penchant for good short trunks! The right knix can make all the difference to how a boy looks during a spanking and Stepan definitely wears the right kind! Some might think, hmm, too short, but I say NEVER too short! The briefer the better! I have been known to give a boy what was for him a much more severe and for me much more satisfying spanking because the underpants he was wearing as spankingwear transported me to Spankers’ Heaven and inspired me to the sublimest efforts!

So Stepan was nervous about the paddle, was he? And well the young rascal might be! All boys should be nervous before a spanking – that is the whole point! If a lad is not nervous before being disciplined with corporal punishment then something is sadly wrong! I pride myself that my naughty boys are always nervous, because they know they are going to get their bottoms smacked VERY hard! In Stepan’s case, the nervousness was clearly well-founded – this was an awesome punishment, with the paddle well laid on with all Dimitri’s skill and thoroughness! I’m sure when a lad has been spanked by him, he knows he’s been spanked and won’t forget it in a hurry! Complete with the pain and humiliation of ear-pulling, this is a smacking clip well worth adding to the collection of any spanking afficionado!

Stepan has a very sexy way of bending over and in this clip he is bent over further than he was for his debut spanking, which is fantastic! Could I please repeat my request and appeal to BBFC that the next time he gets smacked he’ll be laid over the knee?