Sting: I Did Nothing!

I Did Nothing!

After damaging his flatmates (James Holt) car Things are not looking good for Jack (new Sting Lad Trevor Dunst).

Fed up with him he takes him over his knee for a good spanking firstly over his trousers which is clearly not enough ….



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So off they come and the spanking continues on his tight colourful underwear.



Just to bring the message home he tells Jack to remove his pants. Reluctantly down they come and his bare bottom really gets a hot and sore whacking.


Still not convinced that Jack has learnt his lesson, his flatmate orders him to kneel on the couch. Off comes his thick leather belt which is swiftly brought down hard on Jacks already painful bare backside. This is one lad who will be much more careful in the future!








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4 years ago

Is it just me or does he resemble Matt Mills in some way? Handsome young man!

Dr van Spanking
4 years ago

Oddly enough, I was thinking the same – similar colouring and boyish looks and physique! And like Matt, just so phenomenally SPANKABLE!!

Trevor is a wonderful new addition to the Sting stable of punishable young stallions! The pertest, cheekiest bottom, which becomes even cheekier as he is laid over the knee for a good spanking and his trousers tighten, enabling us to see the legs of his briefs as they stand out through the taut material of his trouser-seat!

With young Trevor being a new boy, I was waiting with baited breath for that almost sacred moment when he had to take his trousers off and reveal what colour underpants he was wearing. ‘Please, Trevor, PLEASE, NOT white boner-killers!’ I thought. Well my impatience was truly rewarded as Trevor is clearly a highly committed, paid-up, card-carrying member of the coloured underpants brigade! You’d have to be seriously into wearing coloured underpants to be wearing the briefs that Trevor is wearing in this video! Tight and short, framing Trevor’s beautifully-rounded bum to absolute spanking perfection! And a great colour for spankingwear! They would have inspired me to one of my best and most severe efforts yet!

I love really traditional corporal punishment and here there is no doubt that tradition is holding full sway as Trevor is first of all laid over the knee, than given the belt until his very bare bottom resembles a strawberry ripple! And talking of resemblances, yes, I agree with Mike that the resemblance in that last still to the gorgeous, ever-smackable Matt Mills is pronounced! A great reminder of a great little lad who used to take so much so bravely for our delight, entertainment and satisfaction (if you get my meaning, Stingfans??!!).

Sometimes, a new Stinglad is around for a good while, like Robin Palmer and some of his predecessors. Others are with us for less time and it has always been a shame to see them go – the beautiful Aaron Alton and wonderfully boyish Elliot Holman come to mind. I hope in Trevor’s case that he is on the scene for a good long time, because I can’t wait to see him disciplined again. And of course, there are the contents of a new pants-drawer to get acquainted with…I’m dying to see what else Trevor’s got in there!

4 years ago

Excellent video and a handsome new model addition to Sting. Great to see the spanker’s expression and taking his job seriously. Sting maintains its place even in the downtime as the number one studio, no contest.