Sting Raw – A Tasty Slice

Sting Raw: A Tasty Slice

Dexter had a pizza waiting at home and he was looking forward to getting back to eat it. Its been a long day and now he needs rest and sustenance. He hadn’t counted on one thing though and that is his younger flat member, Austin. He’d seen the pizza and although he knew full well it was Dexter’s had decided to eat it himself. On arriving back of course this didn’t make Dexter a happy man!

This has been happening far too much of late so Dexter decides to take the matter of Austin’s illicit foodstuff pilfery well in hand. The boys going to get a good spanking!


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After the hard spanking, to make sure his rounded bare bottom is well roasted, there must be something flat, wooden and painful in the kitchen drawer to finish off with..Not such a tasty slice now!


A Tasty Slice … is available now exclusively from

Sting Raw at Clips4Sale


Sting Raw “A Tasty Slice” at Clips4Sale


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