Petr is a cheeky looking lad with a smile that gives away the fact hat he has a streak of mischief in him a mile wide. This means, of course, that it is a safe bet that he needs spanking on a regular basis.


Looky as cheeky as ever he comes in and goes OTK. Dimitri does not mess about and lays into the lad in an attempt to teach him a lesson.

Skinny jeans maybe fashionable but they are also great for spanking as they are nice and tight across a lads butt.


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When they come down he is wearing black boxers which show off his assets well, a very spankable little butt. Then a bare ass spanking and his delightful fuzzy little butt gets the Dimitri treatment. A spanking that has wiped the smile off his face and as a final twist he is led from the room by the ear .






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Dr van Spanking
3 years ago

This is young Petr’s third punishment from Dimitri and it is a hard one (not the only thing round here that’s hard right now, fnarr, fnarr!)! This is evident from the lad’s quite vocal responses to be spanked as he is laid very roughly over Dimitri’s knee and the older man’s hand starts to descend across his bottom good and heavy. The comment above on the skinny jeans is just so exactly right – the ones Petr is wearing are exquisitely tight and make me wonder how the boy doesn’t get a few sharp smacks on the bottom as he walks down the street! And the combination of those tight-seated jeans and black boxer-briefs (one of my all-time favourite colours for spankingwear!) is a boner-maker sent straight from the sublimest realms of Spankers’ Heaven!

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Petr squirms and gasps his way through a spanking that is clearly hurting – as of course a spanking should, otherwise what is the point to it?! As the punishment reaches the final stage and Petr’s pants are pulled down to bare his bottom, it is clear that the redness of those hairy buttocks is a clear demonstration that the strict discipline being administered to this naughty, cheeky boy is doing what it is supposed to – if we needed further evidence, just look at Petr’s valiant but ineffectual attempts to protect his bum from the smacking I’ve no doubt he thoroughly deserves!

It’s rare to see a boy as hairy as Petr on BBFC – or indeed at Jock Spank at all. I’m told the reason for that degree of hirsuteness is over-active hormones. I thought over-active hormones were normal in young lads, so Petr’s must be super-over-active! That, or he has a touch of werewolf in him…

BBFC more often than not provide endings to their clips that are wonderful final turn-ons, and poor little Petr being thrown out by his ear before he’s even had a chance to pull his underpants up is up there with the best of those finishes! I hope it isn’t going to be too long before we see him walking back through that door!