Sting Special Price Spanking Classic : Colonial College 2 Branderburg Revisited

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Colonial College 2 Branderburg Revisited

Featuring Travis McKinnon, Rudi Vallance, Jace Martin and Milo Millis

Back in the days when colonial education was based on the British school system Branderburg stood out as one of the most disciplined. Its pupils gained good results and as they reached their sixth year, around the age of 18, it was of course a most important time for them. However, as young men too they were prone to take their eyes away from learning and get up to all kinds of mischief.

Roper (Jayce Martin) was no exception; he had been caught stealing and was up before his Housemaster to explain his actions.

With no excuse to offer he was soon over his Housemaster’s knee, eighteen or not, his bare bottom quickly changing colour to match his embarrassed face.


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Now the Housemaster’s favourite instrument to bring seniors in to line, the riding crop, was brought in to action. Roper, touching his toes, legs wide apart, yelps at each scorching stripe. If there was any race to the finish here the Housemaster was certainly taking his time.





Its mock exam time and one senior prefect DeKlerk (Travis McKinnon) wants to fast track his way to successes. There’s no luck to be had though as his cribbing is quickly noticed by the exam adjudicator. The housemaster of young DeKlerk is not amused at this ungentlemanly conduct.

For a senior pupil, being upended over a teachers knee is deeply embarrassing, and that will add to his punishment!



A mandatory spanking is firmly laid on to this fit young lads bare bottom and he squirms and twists as the burning slaps rain down.






It’s not over yet though, the Housemaster decides a good strapping is needed to make sure the message is painfully pushed through. The old brown leather strap cracks home on to the boys muscular and rounded bare bottom, he’ll think twice before ever cheating again!








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