Birching Four : At Bottom Line

Bloody Cadets: Birching Four

he punishment concludes for the four errant cadets as Jackson brings out the mini-birch!


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Bloody Cadets: Birching Four


Title 2257

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1 month ago

Coping with copious and comprehensive castigation of their clothless cur-cones, the cadet quartet clung to the consolation that even cruellest CP customarily comes to craved closure. Conscious the coming of a complementary kind of command-carrier can cause a cur-cones-castigation-complement, they counted on the command to clean-up and constriction to camp-dorm closes the crushing cones-crimson-coverage, at least while Jackson remains in interim command.
Alternatively, alas for their already abundantly-awesomely-awfully-aching absolutely-abjectly-agony-available adolescent-ass-arses, additional anal-area-agonizing-attribute-application awaits again almost ad-hoc, for Jackson clings to his Confucian clan customs, comprising corroborating castigation after ‘closure’: whenever he returned to father crimson-coned, quite common after class, coach’s … ‘kindly-cruel care’, he went OTK bare-balls to confess the cause and the crucial caregiver carefully copied at-least, back OTK bath-bare at bedtime; kind of kinder still then ‘contemptible conduct’ cases, when paternal pantless-posterior-paining-punishment is the pitiless prelude preparing his poor penitent puerile person for the pinnacle of proper punishment: prime-paternalism by pater-familias, pounding from past-pink to profound-pain-purple in person and per prompt proxy in presence of plenty of peer -, puisne and plus public as part of proper privileged pain-punishment.
Given he’s the only competent Confucian complete-compliance-commanding castigator in this chain of command, frockless-fledgling-fanny-flailing-fond-family-faithful Jackson firmly feels it fair and proper to perform primary paternalistic punishment before curfew, and call them back for corroboration between bed- and bath-time before brutally-busy bis-business  next morning, by bountifully bared-brat-butt-blistering birch, beheld the best bid to bad-boy-bottom-beat by blazing brat-behaviour-betterment-beater, birch being best in the customary cadet-cones-crimson-castigation-collection of arse-agony-attributes, for lack of a proper paternalistic-pain-punishment-personifying punishment-stick: at least he can command cadets to collect and cut these for their own clothless cur-cones to be cruelly-crisscross-covered in crimson-cuts, coming closest to the curious ‘conversation’ between pious-paternalistic prescriptions on punishment-sticks and practical perfectly-perilously-presented-puerile-posterior-pain-purple-pounding.
Bewildered beyond belief, being boss-barking-bid to bare-to-balls bis for bettering their bratty behaviour, the bad-boyish bunch began baring boyhood-beheld, believing the bloody ‘barbarian’ brute-boss ‘bout to break their bratty-badness by ‘boy-holes- and boy-bits- bad business’, believed bad beyond belief by Bible belt-believers. It’s worst for angelic Alex, always alerted since avuncular anal and assorted abuse at-will as always-abjectly-agony-available adolescent. So paradoxically, despite the dreadful defrocked-devilkin-derrieres-dermis-damning doleful-discipline-dose-doubling, the dejectedly-dick-dangling duos dreadful doubts desist delightfully as the dreaded disciplinarian doesn’t digress from ‘due’ derriere-discipline to ‘deadly debasing’.
Jackson ignores that by dropping the OTKs, assumed perhaps too childish for the military, he took the priming psychological sting out of the two-tails-teen-torment-tale as they take the toy-tail-threat terribly terror-topping to the time-honoured tush-tail-thrashing, hence he failed to heap hottest hell on their helplessly-heightened, he-hood-heeded humble-hound-hinie-hidings he-hole-focussed, failing to feed the formidably first-order fiercer phallic and fucking fears. Had he known, he would have hailed it as heavenly highway to having higher horror at his high-mighty harshly-hard-handed-handler-hand here as his patriarch in the clan, so only when he finds out he’ll realize that’s the wickedly-well-working way to wonderfully-wrathfully work-over wayward whippersnappers to wretched wailing and worm-wriggling the way it works so well in the clan’s Confucian clothless-cur-cones-crimson-covering customs, cursed as kids and coveted as castigators.