BBFC: Luis Over The Knee

BBFC: Luis Over The Knee

This clip has to be the right way to get and keep any lad OTK. Things start off OTK and Luis gets a good spanking on his shorts and right from the start he is protesting.

The shorts done they come part of the way down and his black boxers are next.


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Because he is wriggling around the shorts come down in two steps and he gets a partial wedgie as well to get him more focused.

The next set is on the bare ass and Luis cannot keep still, but this is a mistake on his part because as he wriggles round he finds himself being held in place by the junk.

This always brings a lad under control quickly, but being Luis he has one last attempt at struggling with the same result before he stays put for the rest of his spanking. A super OTK clip .


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