Academy Discipline :David & Straps – At Bottom Line

Academy Discipline: David & Straps

Cadet David Beatty has racked up an impressive amount of demerits in the short span of one month. He now finds himself before a disciplinary board of Lt. French, Commander Palaiologos and Commodore Coburn.


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Academy Discipline: David & Straps


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2 Responses to Academy Discipline :David & Straps – At Bottom Line

  1. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    The adorable David Beatty is back for his third video! More please.

  2. Appearances can be darn deceiving, definitely in a dignified, formalistic, shiny-uniformed institution which focusses so much on them as military academies, where they go hand in (heavily-hitting) hand with teaching discipline. Despite David’s somewhat angelic nerd looks and decent grades, keeping him out of Diego’s dreaded dire ‘doubled doses’ daily derriere discipline regime, he’s a honourless handful, happy to get sissy spankings from feeble flogger French for foppish faults and flaws, far from the forementioned first-grade flailer’s full-force firmness, so-far never unable to seriously study sitting again within an hour, far too often getting away with far too much for far too long, just as at home, where his doting late father only hand-spanked OTK in private, so he still rather associates dropping trou and baring his boyhood with naughty fun, like sneaky skinny-dipping or intimate indulgency, than with fearfully facing fearsome fledgling-fanny-flailing.
    Luckily for the lewd lad’s lieutenancy-prepping, lots less lucky for his lots-lacerated lowly-lout-lower-limbs, lately lazy Riley’s week-long quarantine after a reckless African holiday required all his spoiled charges to be handled by harder-handed handler Diego, who harshly hided their helplessly-heightened humble-hound-hinies hell-hot, hearing how all others hate the n°-1 nerd who ‘never needed’ nasty naked nates-nurture in Riley’s book, despite the longest list of demerits by far in French’s red book, which when he mentioned it to the Commodore was subpoenaed, so Diego could avidly, ably and amply administer appropriate all-attire-abandoned-abject-adolescent-arses-agony at-last to all, except David, who disputed Diego’s ‘usurped authority’ instead of dropping trou: compelling cause for a captain’s mast (naval court-martial), Commodore presiding, condemning the cockily-contrary cur on countless counts of contraband and contrary conduct to copious CP, comprising the current clothless-cones-criss-cross-crimson-colouring-cuts and a complementary corrective condition: constantly compelled to cope with CP from Diego, who is here acting as ceremonial court bailiff, warmly-whooping warmer-up and holder-down for the higher-ranking sway-wielding officers administering ‘discipline at the mast’, but(t) these sample strap-floggings are basically a symbolic prelude to his promptly-following power to practise at his pleasure pantless-posterior-punishment as plentiful and pitiless as he prefers to pain-purple the pretentious, previously-protected prick, while for David Riley’s role is reduced to this last lashing, when Diego ‘puts the straps away’ he’ll actually take possession as David’ abject ass-arse will be his to bonnily bate and beat black and blue, brutally blistered as bountifully as befits nest-behaviour-bettering by bare-balls-bum-bottom-battering.