SpankChicosmalos: Game of the Spanking Goose (Part 2)

SpankChicosmalos: Game of the Spanking Goose (Part 2)

The game is over, but these guys have enjoyed the game too much and are discovered jerking off and drinking beer. They receive a humiliating spanking on their especially exposed asses. It’s the perfect excuse for the game owner to have fun with Alex and Pablo’s asses

El juego terminó, pero estos muchachos han disfrutado demasiado el juego y son descubiertos masturbándose y bebiendo cerveza. Reciben una humillante paliza en sus culos especialmente expuestos. Es la excusa perfecta para que el dueño del juego se divierta con los culos de Alex y Pablo

游戏已经完结了, 但两名男生太享受了所以被发现一起在撸管和喝啤酒. 他们暴露的屁股遭到了羞辱的惩罚 一个让游戏拥有人享用艾力克斯及巴勃罗的屁股的借口

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All models 18+ proof of age on file

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1 year ago

Lo ve it when videos show the asshole

9 months ago

Caught by Pablo’s grimly-Godfearing godfather at ‘gruesome Gomorran-gaity-sodomy’, the good godson gave-in grovelling to getting grilled for it gruesomely ‘good’, glowing globes for his giddily-gay goodtime with great, as adorable as adoring Alex.
Although also amply accustomed to abjectly accepting attire-abandoned asinine-adolescent-arse(s)-agony ad-lib, at-home and about-anywhere-else, alone as-well as abject-adolescent-arses-aligned, Alex at-times attracts additional awfully-aching-attribute-to-anal-area-application for an ad-rem answer amounting to actual or about backtalk, boldly being beware being bound to be bloody-bad-boy-bottom-bared- and -beaten blazingly for brat-lip, brutally bitterly and bountifully bare-balls as boyhood-beheld bloody bad-mouther, boner-blossoming already, in this curious case currish-cavorting-caught-cahoots quasi-coyly cupping crisscross-cuties-cock-crowing.
Permanently-piously-pitiless-pantless-posterior-punishment-prepared puerile puppy Pablo’s pluriform paining-perception practically perished, perplexed, caught in curiously contemplating conflicting considerations of his curiously-currish cahoot’s contrariness to cope, caught at contemptible cocks-cavorting, with coming-up CP cruelly-crimson-colouring clothless-curs-cones copiously. The constantly-CP-commands-compliant cutie cringes and cock-covers initially, instinctively, intensely-intimidated by instantly-impending irate inhibitions-intimation in-full-wrath.
Yet the pitiful prospect of plenty of pitiless perilously-presented-puerile-posteriors-punishment from pleasant pink to profound-pain-purple is perplexingly promptly primed by pernicious pride in Pablo’s perfectly-paired peer’s practically-pointless protest. While he literally wouldn’t dream of backtalking a better barking at bad boy(s) to bear bare-balls a boyhood-beheld bare-balls brat-beating before, it’s somehow admirably noble for his knave-buddy to stand-up to abuse by calling sadistically-severely-stripped-squirt-seats-savaging spankophile Sir’s seeming hypocrisy, and nobody ever stepped-up in his helplessly-heightened-he-hood-heeded harshly-hideable-humble-hound-hottie-hinie’s defence, a dashing deed of daring devotion.
So instead of coarsely cahoot-cursing for causing a copious complementary curs-cones-castigation coming-up, pious preppie Pablo feels perplexed-warm, premiere-proud gratitude, again forging their fledgling-fannies-flailing-fated friendship furthered in fullness from faithfully facing full-force-flogging, finding the friends-fitting force to face fulminating friend-fathers’ flagellation for finest friendship.
They agree, after amical assessment at-home, each will still sonly-suitably submit simply slavishly-servile to shouting Sir(s)’ sentencing to stripping sexily-starkers and spanking as senior(s)-savoured, fair for foolish faults or filial flaws and even for fucking father-figure(s)-flogger-fun, solely son’s studymate-guest shall speak-up softly seeing Sir scold and spanking-subject his sweet squirt-mate sine-serious-spankability, sure to share a ‘subversive-squirts-suppressive stripped-spanking-session’, strangely savouring the sublime sensual solace of squirming and sobbing suffering spankers’ savage swatting in silent solidarity.