Spanking Straight Boys: I’m Too Good For That

Spanking Straight Boys: I’m Too Good For That

Tony is a muscular, cocky 21-year-old straight boy. He’s been unemployed of late and, like many young people right now, doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to find a job. He tells Tom he can’t find work despite applying at “hundreds” of places. Tom tells him there are help wanted signs everywhere. Tony says he’s picky about what jobs he’ll work, telling Tom he’s “too good” for fast food and some other types of work. Besides, Tony prefers to spend his time at the gym and bedding women.

Regardless, rent has to be paid. Tony also likes to live well. As a result, he’s back to see Tom. Unbeknownst to Tony, the spanking bench is waiting for him today. Tom straps Tony to the bench and gives him a long, hard spanking. Tony always laughs a lot (like a certain pair of 1990s cartoon characters).


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When the spanking starts to get to him, the laughter fades. There are times when it seems like Tony might be nearing tears. It’s hard to know how many spankings it will take to get Tony in line. It’s hard to know if that’s even possible, but Tom’s more than willing to try.

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10 days ago

Typical twentysomething! He’s already ruined his beautiful body with a tattoo. It’s an epidemic!

7 days ago
Reply to  hisroyalheinie

I couldn’t agree more! This (just as with other forms of self-mutilation) is an enormous turn-off. You only need look at the statistics to see that (a) more people find tattoos a turn-off than a turn-on; (b) more tattooed people end up regretting their decision than those who don’t and (c) by far MUCH more money is spent on the removal of tattoos than on actually getting them in the first place.

I’ve heard from countless tattooed people that they only realised after having this done to themselves what a negative effect it can have on their sex appeal, which was quite distressing. Several of them suspected that open expressions of how people are turned off by tattoos have, for some weird reason, become taboo.

9 days ago

His balls resting on the bench like that is so damn cute.