Window Cleaner Harley – Spanked for Peeping – Part Two

This Straight Lads Spanked video continues on from Part One when naughty Peeping Tom Harley heads home after Mr X had spanked his bottom hard as a punishment for taking pictures of women on his phone when cleaning windows!

Harely returns home with a sore and red bottom.

This horny young man  gets into his bedroom he starts looking at his stash of naughty pictures on his phone. This horny teenager soon gets aroused and pulls down his jeans and begins to take care of his excitement…….

Harley’s Dad who has heard reports of what his son has been doing. He heads home to confront his son and busrts into his bedroom to catch Harley in the act of pleasure!

Dad’s furious! This is a family business and Harley has put it in jeopardy.

It’s time for Harley to learn a hard lesson!

Dad does not hold back and throws Harley across the bed. There is no messing around as his Dad whacks Harley’s jean clad bottom hard! The punishment continues over Harley’s tight boxer shorts and finally his bare bottom. Dad uses his slipper and his hand to teach his son a painful lesson.
Dad then pulls of his belt and proceeds to lash it down on Harley’s throbbing cheeks

Finally Dad feels that Harley has had enough and leaves his son soothing his throbbing bottom.

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11 years ago

I am very pleased to see Harley being spanked, he is a very attractive young man.

11 years ago

Straight Lads Spanked use to be great with what appeared to be if not actually were films of lads being spanked as the title of their site implies. Now they are getting into frontal nudity and mastrabation and have ruined it.

Mr X
11 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous


It’s Mr X here from Straight Lads Spanked!

I am pleased to reassure you that all of my movies still very much feature lads getting spanked. As for full frontal nudity and masturbation? Well let me address both of these points.

Full Frontal Nudity – My movies have always had stark naked lads in them from the very beginning. The are generally ordered to take their clothes off and they get spanked. I make no attempt to hide their penis! 

My movies feature some great looking guys and there is always demand to see more of them. So right from the beginning, starting with Bailey – Bubble Bath Blues I have made some movies that show off there great bodies. These movies are very much advertised as such and generally involves them coming home, taking a bath or shower and getting into bed before the spanking begins. 

As for masturbation? Well my movies don’t really feature this at all. I have made a ton of movies and the only ones I can think of that even hint towards this are one of my early ones Caught Spying on Girls (where 18 year old Karl os caught looking at naked girls through a hole in the wall) and this movie featuring Harley where he has been taking photos of girls on his phone. His Dad finds out about it and also catches Harley just beginning to masturbate whilst looking at said pictures. The masturbation sequence lasts for a very short time and is part of the story line.

What I don’t do is feature any sex for the sake of it. It is still very much about Straight Lads getting Spanked. It seems as shame that  handful of movies have ruined things for you. I always provide very detailed descriptions for my movies, allowing the customer to decide wether this is a movie with content that appeals to them or not.