In Their Own Words Part 4 – Damien, The Belt

Damien gets the belt. As he had only been belted once before, Damien thought the belt was less of a punishment than the cane. Ass-up on the bed, Damien soon learns just how serious a punishment an old-fashioned belting is!

Proving that you can turn a black boy’s bottom red!


3 Responses to In Their Own Words Part 4 – Damien, The Belt

  1. evenBlack Boys can have there Ass tanned so that they. Turn Red

  2. As indicated when it comes to having a Black young man Ass turn Red Let’s be clear all Behinds when whipped -spanked are subject to a very discolored Behind there aren’t any exceptions to this .This is what a Skin to Skin whipping-Spanking results in .However to some of us it may be new informationSo be advised that there are no exceptions and this is theNorm

  3. one perception can be wrong The reality of belt Vs the Cane I would think after Damian session with the Belt taught him that he wasn’t getting off easy by choosing thevBelt over the Cane.The problem with this was he was familiar with the Belt but not the cane however he didn’t get off easy in any caseIt also should be said that Damian had a very Hot Ass and one that was very spankable as well.After his session with the Belt this all became reality for Damian.In regards to Black Boys having there Asses tanned so they are Red this is a reality for all who encounter a Skin to Skin Spanking