Straight Lads Spanked: Christian – Lazy Lad (Part 2)

In Part One of this series, when we were first introduced to Straight Lad’s Spanked’s newcomer Christian, he was getting his bottom smacked over his dad’s knee for being a lazy brat around the house, leaving his mum to do everything and thinking he could get away with contributing nothing to the household.

Dad wasted no time showing his lazy layabout son the error of his ways on that occasion, and ended his punishment by warning him that if his behaviour didn’t improve, it would be the belt next time!


Well, in Part two, it seems things haven’t changed and it looks like Christian still hasn’t learned his lesson. The car hasn’t been washed, his room is still a mess…. and Christian has been out playing football with his mates when he has been told very clearly that he wasn’t allowed! David is Livid and reminds Christian what he said would happen!


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Despite Christian’s horrified protests that his mates are just outside and will be able to hear everything that’s going on – Dad hauls the unhappy lad over his knee to spank him soundly on the seat of his blue football shorts.


But the shorts don’t stay on long. Dad orders him to remove those and his tee-shirt, and pulls Christian back over his knee to continue the smacking on his tight white pants. which form a marked contrast with the glowing red of the lad’s thighs and lower bottom!

The whiteness of Christian’s pants form a marked contrast with the glowing red of the lad’s thighs and lower bottom!

As the flat of his father’s hand cracks down across the seat of his pants, Christian manages a half-hearted promise to do more around the house…. but Dad has heard it all before, and he is unconvinced!


Christian still seems to be more concerned that his mates will hear him getting a spanking at the age of 18, but Dad isn’t the slightest bit bothered about that.

In fact, Christian’s embarrassment may even be what prompts Dad to pull down the boy’s pants, on the grounds that they might be muffling the sounds of the entertainment for their audience…. and continue the punishment on his bare rear end! He even makes sure that he raises his voice as he announces that he  is going to administer a thoroughly well deserved Spanked red bottom!


Mortified though he might have been, it’s not long before Christian has given up any last vestige of pride and is pleading at the top of his voice for his dad to stop.



But Dad dad is not stopping anytime soon



When the spanking does come to an end, he leaps up from his dad’s knee and goes to pull his pants up, but Dad tells him not to bother; now, as promised, he will be getting a dose of the belt!


Again and again, Christian protests that he is sorry, and “It hurts!”, but Dad is having none of it. A good thrashing with the belt across his bare buttocks will hopefully succeed in teaching this wayward lad a lesson he won’t forget.




On top of the spanking, Christian is grounded for four weeks and banned from football…. leaving no room for doubt that Dad wants a major change in attitude around here!

When his punishment is over, Christian is left rubbing a very sore red bottom…. and perhaps wishing that he had stayed home and tidied his room like he was told to!




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5 years ago

Christian is an outstandingly handsome guy, one of Straight Lads Spanked most handsome lads. He is also a very deserving brat who is just asking to be spanked. People think Jason is a brat, but Christian is just as much of a brat in his own way.

He looks so sexy in just those white socks

What was really hot about this video, was the fact that Christian knew that his friends could hear what was happening, that totally pressed my buttons. I only wish Dad had invited them in to watch That would has so embarrassed Christian