Sting: You’ve Bin Caught 2

You’ve Bin Caught 2

In You’ve Bin Caught we saw Robbie Parker (Robin Palmer) as a college lad getting in to trouble with the Coach. Now he works at the same college in another gymnasium. The Head Coach (Dorian Easton) has high expectations of his new junior staff member. Its up to the new boy to make a good impression, he’s been told by the other lads how the Head Coach deals with lazy apprentices but it doesn’t seem to have sunk in.

Having been told to sweep out one of the rooms Robbie decides to see what goodies he can find on his phone. Much more interesting than pushing a broom.

On finding his new gym boy abusing his position the Coach decides, like the others, the lad need a early wake up call to stimulate his work ethic a little.

Nothing better to do that than a good bare bottom spanking ….


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…. and of course a stinging strapping!




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3 years ago

Yes, Dorian is very sexy and strong-looking but…
Marco spanks stronger and more effective. And it is more seen in spankees face, that Marco’s slaps hurt…
I know that Dorian said many times he dont want to be spanked, but… I AM SURE IT WOULD BRING MORE FANS AND MORE MONEY IF YOU WILL CHANGE YOUR MIND, DORIAN!

3 years ago

¡ Bravo Robin ! You are a very sexy ¡LAD!

3 years ago

When do we see the sexy Dorian spanked and caned?