Foot and Butt Punishment at Spanking Boys Video

Lucas Liz and Michal
The two unlucky straight guys Lukas and Michal are back once more for another just and well-deserved punishment. The first to be chosen for punishment is Michal. Michal has no way out, he must lay down absolutely naked and suffer stroke after stroke from the cane, a very painful device when used on the bare feet. The Master beats Michal with the cane, each subsequent stroke is harder than the previous one. After that, the Master turns his attention to Michal’s vulnerable ass, which too is soon burning with pain. Michal’s shouts and protests express the agony he is suffering. Then is the turn of Lukas. Lukas also gets to suffer the bastinado pain as the stick strikes his bare feet. The first stroke scorches his feet, and the second stings even more, before long more strokes are falling on poor young Lukas. Then Lukas must overcome a new challenge, a caning punishment on his bare ass. The strokes of the cane descend rapidly on his vulnerable ass, which is sore from the pain. His shouts give credence to the ordeal and the agony his body feels .


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From Spanking Boys Video

and Feet Bastinado Boys

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