BBFC: Meet Andel

BBFC: Meet Andel

When we arranged for the lads to come for the day we never expected Kiran to show another side to his character. Asking Andel to make a coffee, which is a reasonable request, he thinks nothing could go wrong.


But Andel, being a little nervous, makes it with salt instead of sugar. Kiran spits it out and flames up instantly, he has quite a short fuse, he bends the new lad over the counter and sets about spanking him.


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A lad like Kiran who has taken many a spanking for his ways certainly has learned how to lay on a spanking.



Working his way from jeans to underwear he shows he has a heavy hand and uses it well. By the time we see Andels bare as sit is already glowing nicely and Kiran finishes off the spanking with great zest. A super debut for Andel and a surprise from Kiran as well .





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Dr van Spanking
2 years ago

Peer spanking! I LOVE IT! There is just something about a boy smacking another boy’s bottom that is a real turn-on! And somehow, even moreso when the spanker is smaller than the lad getting spanked!

Andel is a REAL find! Slim and slender, with a cheeky, youthful face, skin-tight black jeans stretched over the most beautifully rounded bottom that sticks out just that little bit further than a boy’s bottom really ought to, making it SUPER-SPANKABLE! The pertness of it increases as Andel is made to bend over the kitchen bench, causing his T-shirt to ride up and reveal the waistband of what looks like being a colourful pair of coloured underpants! Full of Eastern European promise! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!

The promise is fulfilled as he takes his jeans down, getting a smack on the bottom to encourage him to speed up as he bends over in the most delightfully spanky fashion to make sure that he pushes his jeans right down to his ankles – clearly, for him, ‘Take your trousers down!’ means taking them right down! No half measures with this lad! And what do we find underneath them? The perfect selection for spankingwear from young Andel’s pants-drawer! He is indeed obviously a committed coloured underpants-wearer and likes them good and short! Navy blue, figure-hugging boxer-briefs with a light blue pencil stripe that accentuates the roundness of his perky bottom! And a contrasting waistband! Perfect for discipline! I am just dying to see what other treasures his knix-drawer will yield up for future punishments – and I really do hope there are going to be many more of those!

When Kiran takes Andel’s briefs down for the final and most severe stage of the smacking, there is indeed a healthy pink glow shining through the boyishly downy hair covering the
lad’s bum (the latter being a sign of highly active hormones apparently, as if boys that age don’t have sufficiently over-active hormones as it is!) – the spanking is doing what a spanking should be doing for a young lad, as Andel’s grimacing and gasps of pain make plain it is doing! The humiliating and exquisite agony of ear-pulling is delicious icing on this very spanky cake! Walking away when the punishment is over, pulling up his pants and trousers, Andel gives the impression of being a sadder and wiser boy…well, future occasions will tell, as always with these wayward young rascals!

I only have one point I might make – I am very rarely critical, so I hope this will be taken in the constructive spirit in which I am trying to offer it? No doubt Kiran has picked up the patting a boy’s bottom between proper punishing smacks from Ryan, for whom it is a well-established part of his spanking technique. However, I just felt that it might have been overdoing things a little to do it between almost every smack – it rather slowed the punishment down and appeared almost playful. I am not saying there isn’t a place for playfulness in spanking, but it just didn’t feel quite right here, especially as Kiran is obviously meant to be appearing very cross, which is why Andel is getting a smacked bum in the first place! Just a thought and only a personal point-of-view – I dare say there are others who will quite legitimately not agree with me.

All-in-all, young Andel is an amazing addition to the BBFC family and I am really looking forward to future appearances! I can’t WAIT to see him laid over the knee!!