Academy Exercises – Extended Workout : At Bottom Line

Academy Exercises: Extended Workout

David has just finished punishing Alex when a phone call arrives, instructing that Alex remain exactly where he is. Commander Hector arrives and explains that earlier someone pushed snow off a ledge which hit an officer walking below. An extended workout is in order as Hector explains camera footage showed that the someone was Cadet Alex.


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Academy Exercises: Extended Workout


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2 Responses to Academy Exercises – Extended Workout : At Bottom Line

  1. Avatar Dr van Spanking
    Dr van Spanking says:

    Alex’s underpants are too long to make him look spankable in them, although they are a great colour for smacking! I hope some thought will be given to this.

  2. Avatar Bastinado Boy
    Bastinado Boy says:

    I noticed that The redness on David Beatty’s butt from his last spanking has faded! Time to wallop the cutie again! Rapid fire style please! Hard and fast! Make him scream in pain!