Sting – “Sore 1”

Sore 1:  The Bad boy says “I am a sinner. I don’t repent. I won’t get caught or punished. I play games, silly games. Will I lose?” Well considering its Margusta as the story’s firm handed protagonist the answer is a definite “yes!”


Stings second crew under director Rob Leahman are not afraid to try something new. In this horror flick parody we find Dexter absorbed in to a world of fantasy where reality catches up with him and he pays from his crimes. The spectre of Margusta, his heavy hand pounding down on Dexter’s defenceless bare bottom is awe inspiring. Now turning a devilish shade of red his poor butt must endure the full force of retribution. 


However it doesn’t end there, Margusta now brings the strap to bear. Lash after lash of the cruel leather soon has Dexter’s pert and rounded backside raw and well punished.

Two souls this day are to receive a sinners beating and suddenly waking in the strange cell like room is StingLad Toby Haines. Is this a dream – no! The apostle of punishment gets to work on the young graffiti artist’s backside. Dragged across Margusta’s knee that well known heavy hand soon has Toby bucking and yelling.


Never one to leave a job unfinished the punisher now applies the heavy wooden handled strap. Kneeling is in forgiveness, his bare bottom thrust out, the burning licks bring the fire of hell to Toby’s backside. “It isn’t a dream, is it? I am a sinner, I got caught – and lost! If I don’t behave now it could be a case of Sore Two.”


“Sore 1” is an experimental, modern day horror themed, story, staring Dexter, Toby Haines and Margusta … Something just a little but different from Sting!!:

Margusta is watching you!

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    Anonymous says:

    Anonymous This admitted Sinner was punished and now had very sore and discolored Ass.Hopefully he learned something and now will do some Penance.One thing is for sure he got a good whipping and certainly had it coming Many times there are repeat performers who don’t learn there lessons the first time around I doubt this will be case in this situation as this whipping was a classic one .Almost know one would want to risk another Ass whipping

  2. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not impressed. Anom23 seems kind of stupid if you ask me it’s it based on Saw will they get chopped up

  3. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I think sting need a new director I’m in if the pays good

  4. This is an excellent Sting video and worth every penny.

  5. Avatar Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This is different. At least Sting are trying out new ideas and that’s something few others is doin.

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    Anonymous says:

    I have just watched this and thought it was rather good comments like ‘I think it,s stupid’ and ‘Sting need a new director’ are the only stupid things on this page. Yes its very different but there is clearly a lot of effort put into itand the punishment is hard and takes up the majority of video time so it still beats hands down all the bedroom and lounge handycam crews out there! Well done Sting very brave to try something new and like JustMagic says worth every penny.

  7. People who can think ,after watching this video, “is stupid” or “Sting need a new director” remind me about the Bible. “Don’t cast your pearls before swine.They will only step on them”(Mateo 7:6)

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  9. I regret that, for obvious reasons comments at this blog will have to be moderated for a while.

    Apologies for any inconvenience caused

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    What foul language quite un needed can that comment not be removed?

    • I agree, I have now removed it. I originally left it there so people would understand why we had too turn comment moderation on for the time being.

      (It was the “obvious reason” mentioned in my earlier message)

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    Anonymous says:

    Well thats different… wasnt sure what to expect from this video but i have to say I rather liked it Thank you Bruce for this one please thank whoever at sting put this one together its a keeper I hope they make another with so much gard spanking inside

    • Thanks

      I will pass your comments on to Sting, it was an experiment and basically trying something new, so they will be interested in your feedback