Straight Lads Spanked – “Prison Punishment – Karl – the Rod”

18 year old Karl in Prison Punishment – ‘Karl – The Rod’


Karl – Prisoner 93851 slowly makes his way towards the punishment room.

Having been convicted of escaping from the workhouse he has been sentenced to thrashing from the Rod! 


The masked guard, secures him onto the punishment bench fastening the thick, heavy straps which hold the prisoner in place.
 His bottom is then bared ready to face the rod!

The guard shows no mercy as he swings the rod onto the prisoners exposed bottom. The pain is clear to see in the young delinquents face. Karl can only helplessly pull against his restraints as the rod cuts stripes into his backside…. The guard canes 18 year old Karl relentlessly and his bottom is left with countless welts where the cane has landed.

Finally the guard releases each strap and has to drag Karl from the bench and drag the prisoner back to his cell…….

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