Sting – Diary Down Under – Preview Trailer

Some additional pictures and a preview trailer from Sting’s new download 

  Scroll down to view the video online or you can download the full sized trailer by clicking here
(when downloading from SendSpace click on the blue bar towards the bottom of the screen)

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11 years ago

Anonymous23 September 2012 08:34
Could you do a post of scally chav spankables your best spankables so far are Matt mills, David and gerja the Russian in the snow. The best picture of Matt is a clublads photo , seen it a lot on various tumblr’s where he has boxing gloves on and his shorts down at the back staring at the camera with his full plump bare arse out I would love to have a feel and rub of it kiss it. As for David he is on ukscally lads with his award winning arse out so full and plump. Please post more chavs.

11 years ago

Both Millhouse and Kelly have lovely leggies so their grey school shorts should be as short as Mr Smith’s PE shorts so their thighs can be soundly slapped, strapped and caned!

Furthermore, as Mr Smith’s own thighs are really quite deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious, I suggest that my good friend Headmaster O’Shea also gives his leggies and arse a good seeing to, or better still sends him with Kelly & Millhouse to be dealt with!