Straight Lads Spanked – Spanked for Smoking – 18 Year Old Lee!


18 year old Lee has been sent to see the local spanker Mr X by his distraught Mother. Young Lee has developed a nasty smoking habit and his Mum is desperate for him to stop. It’s a tough time right now as Lee’s Grandmother is seriously ill with a smoking related disease and his Mother does not want the same thing happening to her son.
  18 year old Lee
So Lee turns up to see Mr X. You can tell he is already upset by the time he arrives. He does not know exactly what is going to happen but he realises it is not going to be pleasant!

Mr X has a very effective method to deter young lads from the evil weed!

It starts off with a sound over the knee spanking. Young Lee has never had his bottom spanked before and you can tell it hurts from the first slap!

By the time Lee has had his trousers and underwear removed he is really struggling to deal with the relentless spanks..

Mr X though has not even started with his smoking deterrent yet.


He takes Lee’s packet of cigarettes and makes the lad hold them deep in his mouth. Then the spanking continues. Mr X forces them into the distraught young mans mouth and makes him chew on them as his red bottom is still getting spanked.

Lee can hardly bear it and is at the point of breaking down. The tears are brimming and the he is feeling sick with the cigarettes.

You can tell by his sorrowful face at the end of the punishment that Lee will NOT be smoking ever again!

….. more from Mr X! I’m so excited to introduce you to Lee. A young lad with cute looks and a round, pert bottom! This was his first time ever getting spanked and for a young straight lad it was quite an experience. He properly struggled to take the spanking but rather moan and complain he just did his best to endure! So what you are seeing here is some proper genuine reactions from a very real spanking. We only stopped filming for a few moments to reposition camera’s so it was shot nearly in one take. I’m not sure I can make it any more real than this! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

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