Spanking Straight Boys: Cooper’s Coat and Tie Spanking

Spanking Straight Boys: Cooper’s Coat and Tie Spanking

Cooper is a hot 18-year-old straight boy with golden blond hair and the face of a movie star. From the moment Tom saw him, he knew Cooper would look great in a coat and tie. That is what he is wearing for today’s spanking.


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Tom bends Cooper over and spanks him by hand and with a riding crop, leather strap, leather slapper and a perforated wooden paddle. Cooper has a hard time with this spanking. He is close to breaking down at several times and wipes a tear away at least once.

Cooper is a polite and obedient boy who becomes much more so once the spankings begin. Today he is reminded to obey the law and act responsibly. It’s a message that appears to get through for now, at least. These boys usually need frequent reminders.

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18. U.S.C. 2257

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1 year ago

Why is it pointed out that his 18 I don’t understand the reason behind this 18! 🤔

1 year ago
Reply to  Luke

Because it’s legal, but only just! And just a few weeks or months ago it wouldn’t have been legal. People find that hot. It also suggests that he’s “untouched” as of yet. People find that hot too.

And in the same way it’s hot that they’re straight, because we all dream of a world in which we CAN have what we can’t normally get.

You may not find these three aspects (18/barely legal, straight, untouched/virgin) hot, but plenty of people do, and if we’re honest, then a brief look at the gay porn market reveals that there’s clearly an enormous market for these three aspects, hence the amount of stuff on offer featuring straight boys, teens and virgins.

Our fetishes are not always entirely rational.

Last edited 1 year ago by Seb